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Need Help using the T-shirt Designer?
Get some tips on how to use our t-shirt designer, the Spreadshirt Confomat.

Tips on using the Spreadshirt Designer! (please refer to the illustration below)

1. Choose a product from the "Products" tab.
2. Choose a design from the "Designs" tab. (*please see #7)
3. Enter custom text if desired. Text is entirely optional (and is also an additional charge).
4. Choose product color. Most products are available in multiple colors.
5. When a design is selected, the tools in the gray box in the bottom left corner allow you to edit your design (size, centering, etc.). The design can also be dragged and sized manually on the shirt.
6. When using a flex/flock design or text, you can choose the colors by clicking the appropriate colored box. Change designs with multiple colors by clicking the number for that section, then choose the color.
7. (not shown) Sometimes a design will be grayed out in the design tab. That means that the print type used is unavailable for the product you have picked or the design is too big (occurs with some smaller products). Some designs are not compatible with certain products.

Above all, have fun! The confomat is a great tool to play with!
Please email me with any questions: sarah [at]

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