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Customer Service
Get help and information here. Not seeing what you're looking for? Please try our other HELP? page...
- Size Questions? Please visit our Product Sizing page for more information.
- Our Print Technology: We offer two types: plot printing and digital (direct and transfer).
Plot Printing (Flex & Flock)
The plot print provides superior printing results that are long-lasting and the colors won't fade. Flex has a slightly shiny surface and is smooth to the touch while Flock has a velvety feel, like a thin layer of plush. Both are extremely durable and are for designs with 3 colors or less. Also available are specialty flex (glitter, sparkle & glow-in-the-dark) as well as "writable" flex which allows you to write on the print using any washable marker (which is provided!). Specialty and writable flex is only available for 1 color designs.
Digital Direct
Digital Direct uses superior textile ink to print directly onto the apparel without the use of transfers. With darker t-shirts, we print a layer of white ink under the design first and white elements of the design will be printed. The colored ink is then embedded directly into the white layer for a rich, vibrant effect. Therefore, these prints can feel a bit thicker than those on light-colored t-shirts. This print method is ideal for designs with more than 3 colors or photographs.
The Print Method is shown on every product detail page:
Please note, when given the option to change the shirt color, the new color will not update until the item is added to the cart.
We apologize for this inconvenience.
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